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Churchill Falls Labrador

Churchill Falls Labrador

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  • Date Posted: Jul 14, 2015
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Thankfully, they paved the road between Labrador and Happy Valley Goose Bay.  This transformed our previous maximum speed of 25mph up to a reasonable 60mph.

This area is completely under construction, and it’s not uncommon to see whole houses and trailers driving on the majority of the lanes.

Basically, around every corner is a picturesque lake or shoreline.  I suspect all of these lakes are suffuse with fish and other wildlife.  It would be a great place for fishing and hunting, however, the drive up would not be worth the trip.

Eventually we met the massive Churchill River which means we are almost at the halfway point of the paved section: Churchill Falls.

Churchill Falls is a rather small town, which I assume services the massive hydro electrical project to the east.

The power lines are massive.  The network must have gone on for miles and miles.  All this gets plugged into the grid further south to the more populated areas of Canada.