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Northwest Angle Canadian Border Station

Northwest Angle Canadian Border Station

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  • Date Posted: Aug 17, 2019
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The Northwest Angle has a really odd way of border protection.  Basically, anyone can just drive in and out of the Angle without stopping.  They just rely on the honor system for people to report when they arrive by car or boat.

At the corner of Hwy 330 and Hwy 331, there is a bunch of signs telling you how to get to the Angle Inlet or Youngs Bay areas.  But also, they have the Canadian Border Station.

On the northeastern corner, there is the Canadian phone station.

They have a bulletin board with all sorts of fun stuff that we didn’t see.  They even have a birdhouse for anyone wanting some complementary salmonella.

This is how it works.  When you get ready to leave the Inlet, you just go to this kiosk and call the border station.  They ask for your passport number and some standard questions.  Then if you get the approval, you get a receipt number and they let you reenter into the Canada.

If you don’t get the approval, you have to stay here forever.