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Near Ponton Service Station

Near Ponton Service Station

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  • Date Posted: Jul 3, 2016
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As you drive further north, the wilderness transforms into tundra. Gradually, what starts are pockets of swampy bog turn into wide swaths of treeless permafrost. Here was a section of that south of Ponton.

Also, as we got further north, the sky never really got too dark.  It was getting quite late in the evening, and this was the view north from our van.

At the junction of “Highways” 6 and 39, there is a general store and gas station called the Ponton Service Station.  We stopped in to check it out, but didn’t really need anything.  From what I hear in 2019, they have permanently closed now.  Bummer.  That area really needed some kind of business substructure.