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La Reine Du Nord Rapids

La Reine Du Nord Rapids

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  • Date Posted: Jul 12, 2015
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After a few hours of driving, we pulled off at a roadside “park” to see the rapids.

The interesting thing about the James Bay Road, is that it’s paved.  We thought maybe this would mean the trip wouldn’t be so hard on the van, like all the gravel roads in the past.  Turns out no.  The James Bay is paved, and that makes the pavement all heaved up and buckled from decades of weather.  In fact, I suspect it would be better if the road had been gravel, because at least they could have grated it every now and then.

The constant banging on the suspension caused us to slow way down to around 30 mph, so that the van wouldn’t fall apart on us.

The rapids was very nice.  After not sleeping much (Glenn drove, but I stayed up to watch for moose, bison, or other animals in the road), it was good to stretch our legs.