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Heading South on the Dalton Hwy

Heading South on the Dalton Hwy

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  • Date Posted: Jun 26, 2013
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After we fixed up the vacuum pump, got our brakes back in working order, and ate a last meal at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel with some new friends, we headed back south.  We needed to make up for some ground because we ended up staying in Deadhorse for over 3 days, which was 2 days more than expected.  We had to catch up with some friends in Fairbanks for some canoeing.

When we left Prudhoe Bay, it had been raining.  It rained all through the Dalton drive, and it took a toll on our van.  It didn’t stop Glenn from hammering down.  When we drove up, it took us 16 hours.  But with Glenn not caring anymore, he got us to Fairbanks in 13 hours flat.