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U.S. Border Check-in at Jake’s Northwest Angle Resort

U.S. Border Check-in at Jake’s Northwest Angle Resort

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  • Date Posted: Aug 17, 2019
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As we drove into the Northwest Angle, there were lots of signs telling us to sign in.  We didn’t give a crap because there were hundreds of signs, so we never really paid attention.  But as we approached the resort, we figured it would be prudent to check in with US border patrol before we get arrested and our 6-day trip to Canada isn’t going to be a 70-day confinement by the NSA.

We pulled into Jake’s Resort, which coincidentally was one of the places where we could “sign in.”

They had a kiosk for punching in our passport information.  Since Glenn can’t read, I had to recite the instructions to him.

There was some maps and old pictures.  The woman behind the desk arrived and told us that the only place to eat around here was on the other side of the Angle.

Great.  Our plan to wrap up this trip to the Angle quickly and get back on the road to Winnipeg is busted.

There were lots of campers and trailers and cabins all around Angle Inlet.  No one was around, so they must’ve been fishing.

Back on the road again, to get to the Youngs Bay area.