Time Lapse Video and Audio Commentary of 6.9 to 7.3 IDI Engine Swap in a Van

It’s finally done. Several days of preparation, wrenching, farting, and excessive junk food, we finished the 6.9-to-7.3 IDI engine swap in the 1988 Ford E250 Clubwagon. If you are wondering why there is a 6.9 in a 1988 Van, that’s a long story explained in the link down below, but regardless, I have a newly-rebuilt 7.3 in my van and it’s nice. I’ve been tuning the beast for the last few days in my spare time, trying to find that optimal fuel screw and timing adjustments to spoil up the turbo and maximize fuel economy.

For the video of the engine pull (without the timelapse), visit this link:

Pulling a 6.9 (or 7.3) IDI Engine from a 1988 Ford E250 Econoline Van

For extensive details on the 7.3 Rebuild Process, visit:

7.3 IDI Engine Rebuild Process



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