Custom Heavy Duty Automotive Plastics Services and Fabrication

IDI Online is offering fabrication services for antique automotive plastics.  As more and more plastic parts become discontinued, it becomes harder to find them in good condition at junk yards or find them at all.  Here at IDI Online, we can digitally reproduce any plastic parts your antique or older vehicle could need.

The Process:

Send in your broken or worn part and any pertinent information.  We inspect the part, give you an estimate, 3D-model the geometry, reproduce the element*, and mail the new part back to you.    You don’t pay for the 3D-modeling labor.  You just pay for the plastic fabrication.  This keeps our costs down for you.


Our plastics are rated to withstand 350 degrees F and up to 375 degrees F with a protective exterior layer.  These plastics are developed to have superior strength and chemical resistance.  Also, it has great abrasion resistance, especially with additive exterior protection.   We do not use cheap novelty 3D printers, which make chintzy plastics susceptible to heat and chemicals.  This is an industrial laser printer operation that produces high resolution with exceptional heat resistance.  All of our parts are made and assembled in the USA.

We can make really simple plastics, but we specialize in really complex plastic geometries.  The more complex, the better.  We can make objects as small as a sesame seed, and as large as you can imagine.  The size will affect the production lead time.


Each project is different.  A small plastic part (under the size of a golf ball) can usually be modeled and fabricated within a day or two after the assessment.  Objects between a golf ball and baseball in size usually takes 2-3 days.  Anything larger than a baseball will take a few weeks.

Specialty Production Jobs:

Some plastic parts have a combination of different plastics and even some metal components.  IDI Online has established a relatively-rapid relationship with some metal printing, casting, lasercutting, and CNC lathing machinists.  Depending on the inspection of the element, we can give you an estimate on the lead time on a reproduction job for a more complex antique plastic-and-metal automotive part.

Click here to contact us to discuss your plastic automotive project.  There is no consultation fee.


* Some restrictions apply, depending on the complexity of the part.
Each part is subject to an initial assessment.  If IDI Online finds the part too difficult to reproduce or too risky to reproduce, the customer will be refunded any money devoted to that part project.