I can’t tell you how appreciative I am to everyone for supporting the website and expressing these kind words.  When I started the site, I was just trying to make a small resource for IDI vans, and it’s grown into a community of wonderful people.

Here are a few comments from some satisfied customers and viewers.


“Nick’s work is really a lifesaver for those of us trying to keep our older Ford IDIs running. Not only is he a great problem solver and innovator, he’s very easy to communicate with as well. I sent him the VRV from my truck to rebuild and he had it back to me in about a week – and I sent it from Canada! If you’re considering using his services or parts, I’d say go for it.”



“This part worked perfect, I’m so happy with it. Can’t believe I put up with a couple years of manually shifting. Waiting for that shift governor to finally shift from 2nd to 3rd at higher rpm’s when cold made me feel so bad for the old girl. I just indexed it to the same spot the original was in and it was perfect, no other adjustment necessary.”



“The VRV arrived earlier this week and was on the truck within minutes of arriving. I don’t think the truck has shifted that smoothly in the 10 years I’ve had it.  

Thank you for the speedy turnaround time. Have a happy new year.”



“My stuck metering valve was the reason I wasn’t getting fuel to my injectors and I would have never known to check it before reading this post and watching the video. Thank you so much for this super helpful information, you saved me a $2600 IP pump replacement!!!”



“Just a note that the VRV arrived in fine condition and is safe on my garage shelf for when the other starts to play up.   Thanks so much for a great product and a quality service to us IDI folks.”



“Hey, great site. I’m trying to milk my E350 for all the efficiency I can get. … Lots of awesome inspirational information.”



“Thanks very much for doing the rebuild on the old VRV. … I can’t tell you how much this means to me, I hope some day to meet you and say THANKS PROPERLY”



“Nick, just stumbled upon your site! Holy cow, what a find! I have three 6.9ls, an 85 F250HD, 87 E350 and an 87 F350 crew cab/utility bed. … Sure do love reading your stuff, a lot of it is things I know but I have learned a lot from you also!”