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How to Manipulate the Metering Valve on 6.9 / 7.3 IDI Injector Pump

If you have been cranking and cranking your IDI engine trying to purge the air from the injector lines, and NOTHING seems to get any fuel to the injectors, then you might have a stuck metering valve in the Injector Pump.  This video explains how to fiddle with your metering valve in the hopes it will resolve your stubborn injection system.

“Preparations A through G have failed:”

First off, if you are not getting fuel to the injectors, the last place to look is the Metering Valve.   Do not use this as some sort of tutorial to just jump right into your IP like a virgin at an orgy.  First make sure you are getting fuel to your IP.  Read these articles FIRST:

What to do if no Diesel Fuel is coming out of the Schroeder Valve on a 6.9 / 7.3 IDI

What to do if no Diesel Fuel is coming out of the Schroeder Valve on a 6.9 / 7.3 IDI

And then, if you are getting fuel through your fuel filter, READ THIS:

How to Crack Injector Lines and Purge Air on a 6.9 / 7.3 IDI Diesel Engine

How to Crack Injector Lines and Purge Air on a 6.9 / 7.3 IDI Diesel Engine

Thirdly, make sure your FSS is getting power.  Turn your key on without starting the engine.  Go to the top of the IP and pull the FSS plug.  Then touch the plug to the lead, and listen for clicking.  If it clicks, it likely functions properly.  If not, then your FSS is dead, and it’ll never let any fuel to the injectors.

Preparation H: Adjusting the Metering Valve:

Alright, let’s assume you have made sure you have fuel getting to your Diesel filter, and let’s assume you have been purging air for a LONG time, and not a drop of Diesel fuel ever gets to your injectors when the lines are cracked.  Then this is the time where you might have to deal with some hard truths.  It is now very likely that your IP is garbage, and you’ll need to invest in a new pump.  And with all new IDI IP’s, it’s prudent to replace all your injectors as well.  (Here is a great video explaining the mechanics of an IDI IP)

However, you have one last opportunity to resolve the possible injection issue.  This is the process of moving the IP’s Metering Valve back and forth to unstick it.  The metering valve is best explained in this FTE post by jdemaris if you want to bone up on its mechanics.  However, for the sake of this article, we are not necessarily modifying or altering or repairing the metering valve and its appurtenances, but rather, we are more-or-less just “exercising” it to make sure its not “stuck.”

Here’s a video of the process:  (WARNING: I always make sure I wear a BRAND NEW latex glove when dipping my hand into a full injector pump reservoir!  The smallest bit of dirt could clog the IP or injectors.)

After manipulating this metering valve, be sure to return the IP cap precisely as you found it.  Then tighten it back down.  Then continue with the injector line crack, purge, and cranking process detailed in this article.

What if the IP still doesn’t work?

If after several attempts of cranking, and there is still no Diesel bubbling out of the injector line caps, then there isn’t much more that can be done.  Now you are on to Preparation I:  (aka, Preparation Injector Pump Removal.)    Sorry for bringing the bad news. When shopping for a replacement IP, I recommend R&D IDI Performance.  Here’s an article and video of how to remove the Injector Pump on an IDI Van, which is basically the same as removing it from the Ford truck, but more of a pain in the ass.

6.9 or 7.3 IDI Injector Pump (IP) Replacement in a Van


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David O.

My stuck metering valve was the reason I wasn’t getting fuel to my injectors and I would have never known to check it before reading this post and watching the video. Thank you so much for this super helpful information, you saved me a $2600 ip pump replacement!!!


Awesome! Glad it helped.

Just a heads up, I always had a stuck metering valve after I ran my tank dry. Something about having the empty IP reservoir made the metering valve made it sticky. The problem I had was more a tank fuel level sender issue, than an IP problem, because ideally, I shouldn’t be running the vehicle out of fuel. But with these old IDI’s, tank senders are prone to failure. Eventually, I fixed the tank senders and things have been much better ever since. I have a few write-ups on my tank sender tutorials on my site if you are interested. 🙂


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