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How to Determine a Good IDI Injector Pump (IP) from a Bad, and Explanation of the IP Cam Internals

Recently, Mel from Conestoga Diesel Injection, one of the few trusted IP rebuilders on the planet, uploaded a video detailing the process for checking the condition of a good or bad IDI IP.  It truly is one of the clearest explanations of the internal cam workings of the IDI IP.  He shows how to do a quick inspection, how to prepare an IP for storage/shipping, and how the cam components fit together.  Also, he explains the design-failure points in the cam, so that in the event of an IP seizure, the cam breaks (on purpose) so that it does not cause downstream failures in the IDI timing system.  This video is “required reading” for anyone who enjoys the content on IDI Online and for anyone who wants a better understanding of how the IP functions.

Video credit:  Conestoga Diesel Injection