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Pulling a 6.9 (or 7.3) IDI Engine from a 1988 Ford E250 Econoline Van

Once again, I have the privilege of blowing a day of my illustrious schedule to pull another IDI from my van.  Yay.

Unlike my previous engine pulls, the 6.9 out of the 1984 E350 and the 7.3 out of the 1988 E250 Clubwagon, I took the time to record two videos of this process.  One video (to be completed) will be a timelapse of our entire engine pull, engine prep, and engine reinstallation process, along with audio commentary.  The whole process took a few days, so a timelapse is the only logical way to document it.  The second video is showcased below, showing a moderately-edited sequence of the engine pull.  This took a little over an hour, so this video cuts out a lot of the putzing around and just shows the highlights.

If your goal is to learn anything from this, I would strongly encourage you to visit the aforementioned links showing precisely the 6.9 and 7.3 IDI engine pulls step-by-step.  This video is kind of cool, but it’s not really that educational.

I could think of nothing more boring than spending my time watching two guys fart while trying to squeeze an IDI buttbaby out of a Ford Van, but if you are a masochist, here is the big show:

Some things to note, I wouldn’t really recommend doing this.  I’m getting pretty good at it now [sad to say], but our process is fraught with what a professional mechanic would consider no-no’s.  We are not a major mechanical operation; this is a purely shadetree style deal, so we have to make do with what we got.

Another thing is, this engine pull process would have went smoother if we pulled the fan and fan clutch, and if we jacked up the body off the frame a few inches, like in the 6.9 pull.  But as you can see, if you don’t mind swearing a lot more and busting a few knuckles, you can see that those eliminations are not entirely necessary.  The goal is to work harder, not smarter.


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