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Seattle Washington

Seattle Washington

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  • Date Posted: Jul 9, 2008
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Seattle, Washington. 184422 (est). 9am – 12:30pm Wednesday.
We walked down to the shop rather early and Chris wasn’t in yet, so we visited the needle and Frank Gehry EMP building.

Frank Gehry’s EMP building.  I worked for him for a decade.  Really great experience.

From the top of the tower, we snapped the top of Mt Rainier from the Space Needle.

We got back to Frybrid to see Chris outside his shop working on something in the back of his truck. We checked out the ride and hung out with the Frybrid crew for a bit. Anyone greasing thru Seattle MUST visit this shop—it’s the best. They should think about making a reality show or something because we were busting a gut at some of the trash-talk. 😉