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Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

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  • Date Posted: Jun 19, 2010
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Petrified Forest National Park, AZ. 202400, 11:45am Sat.
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Alright alright.  One thing we must mention before starting this article, is Glenn had been begging for a trip to a petrified forest for years.  He loves this crap for some reason, and I had been purposely avoiding this location just to mess with him.  Either we would be driving through at a late hour, or we had some other place to go in time for they closed, or some other trumped up excuse not to go, I made it my mission to avoid them.

But this trip, there was no way to avoid it.  We got in around lunch time, and Glenn was having none of it.  We were stopping.  This was his special day.

We stopped at the southern end and drove north through the park.

The park allows people to drive through and stop at various trail heads.  We even went on a tour that had real indigenous petroglyphs.

After stopping at a few of the driveby hikes, Glenn seemed bored.  I asked him if he wanted to stop at more places, and he said no.  Hilarious.  All these years of waiting and once he actually saw some spectacular petrified wood, and he ended up finding them bland.

We stopped at the diner in the national park, and got a few burgers.  Then on to Albuquerque!