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Omaha Nebraska

Omaha Nebraska

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  • Date Posted: Apr 22, 2006
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2:46pm GN.  740 Trip Meter Reading.  Omaha, NE.

There was a specific museum I wanted to see in Omaha, but due to conflicts we had to forego that plan and we decided to cruise up to downtown.  We parked and hoped to stumble upon something interesting and this generally how Glenn and I operate. Granted, we planned this journey for weeks, but there’s something to be said about just seeing what happens.  Besides we had some time to spare if we were going to make it all the way to Parachute, Colorado by midnight, where we usually crashed on our previous road trips.

We walked a full loop around the downtown area of Omaha, where once again due to it being a Saturday, there was practically no one around.  Eventually we found a Famous Dave’s (a BBQ chain originating from Hayward WI) and got some food. I wa starving. Glenn, tired and already uncouth, reluctantly ordered some chopped port and complained about where the car was.  We had sauntered about for a while and he had disoriented himself.

I assured him that if we cut through a neighboring park, we’d come out by the car.  My theory was right, but we found people. There was a fountain and some kind of small river and, while we searched for a pedestrian bridge, we were accosted by network television.  Worse yet, Reality TV! Turns out that two women were trying out for “The Amazing Race” TV Show and wanted our support. Naturally we lied and claimed we’d seen the show.

Glenn and I casually escaped their cameras and loaded up two and half more cubies of VO into the tank.

Then we were back on the interstate heading west: