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Near the ‘Town’ of Back Manitoba

Near the ‘Town’ of Back Manitoba

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  • Date Posted: Jul 5, 2016
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The further north the train took us, the more foreign this place got.  Most of this area was completely uninhabited.  Miles and miles of swamps and bogs.  Very few bushes and trees survived at this latitude.

Sometimes you’d see a cropping of trees and some wildlife, but I doubt it is a pleasant place to survive.  The ground is so waterlogged and spongy, it must be really hard to merely walk from place to place.

At one point, the train stopped for a minor stop.  I looked around.  No buildings, no station, just a sign saying the name of this stop.  I didn’t see anything for miles.  If anyone was getting off here, I’d seriously worry for their safety.

It was getting really cold as we got closer and closer to Hudson Bay.  I suspect that if it wasn’t for the bitter July cold, there would be trillions of mosquitoes chasing this slow train as it plodded its way northward.