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Paxton Nebraska Suspension Repairs

Paxton Nebraska Suspension Repairs

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  • Date Posted: Apr 22, 2006
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7:00pm GN Sat.  1001 Trip Meter Reading.  Grand Island, NE.


After some time diagnosing and putting the bad tire to replace the de-treaded spare, it was too dark to make real solid changes.  We set up shop in the room and proceeded to contact contributors, to explain the delay, and post messages in the Mercedes forums, to get some answers on the Suspension Leveling System, turns out those leveling systems are a good concept but once they have problems, you have problems.

Glenn found a series of schematics in pdf format on the internet, studied them in depth and saved them to my desktop.  We would wake up at sunrise to make our move.  

We entered our hotel room in a really shabby condition:

7:00am MST Sunday.  Paxton NE.

Glenn elevated the car with that jack and I immediately went out scavenging for cinder blocks or wood to act as an improvised stand.  

Trying a series of repairs, the best solution seemed to be to turn the broken valve to wide open, to force the car to sit way up on the back end.

It would seem for comfort and handling, a dragging ass is worse off than jacked up.  As we ran the engine, the car gradually elevated (maybe a couple millimeters a minute), but no fluid was returning to reservoir.

This indicated that the struts are filling with expensive, rare Mercedes hydraulic fluid, and soon we’d need a lot more soon otherwise the pump would burn out.

1:55pm GN Sunday.  1064 Trip Meter Reading.  

Left Paxton, NE for Denver, CO, without any registering suspension fluid.