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Hershey Pennsylvania

Hershey Pennsylvania

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  • Date Posted: Jul 8, 2009
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Hershey, PA. 9:40am, Wednesday.

We stopped by the Hershey area in the hopes of seeing something interesting. Unfortunately, for those who think there is a chocolate factory to tour, you’d be sorely disappointed with the condition of the town of Hershey. Instead the Hershey company has strangled the life out of that town and transformed it into some hideous amusement eyesore. We spent a half hour in their Hershey park and left before they even had an exit gate open.

Their only interesting site is their new “Hershey Story” museum, opened in January 2009. If you want to maintain your sanity if you visit this town, sign up early for their Chocolate Lab. We got there just too late and missed their testing.

Here’s a pic of the city’s infamous lampposts, one of the highlights of the visit.