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National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg

National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg

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  • Date Posted: Jul 8, 2009
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Harrisburg, PA. 11:00am, Wednesday.

On the northeast of Harrisburg is the National Civil War Museum. It’s brand new and houses a substantial amount of authentic and replica Union and Confederate artifacts. Also they have staff in different portions of the building answering questions and whatnot. They even have an supervised exhibit where visitors are allowed to handle replica (but functioning) weaponry, like repeater and muzzle loader rifles, swords and bayonets, knives, etc. I thought these things were fake, until I checked some of the blades and rifles—they were sharp and the hammer and trigger functioned properly.

Also, this place is just an hour north of Gettysburg, so if you are planning a trip to this area, it would be prudent to visit this museum.

The entrance of the museum:

Harrisburg, PA. Afternoon, Wednesday.

Here’s a pic from the south of Harrisburg.