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Frontier Relics and Auto Museum in Gillette, Wyoming

Frontier Relics and Auto Museum in Gillette, Wyoming

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  • Date Posted: Jul 28, 2021
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Still waiting for my van to get fixed at Northwest Auto, we decided to go for a walk to downtown Gillette.  Being such a small town, it doesn’t take that much to walk over to the main CBD.

Eventually, we got to the two main museums in town.  The second was the Frontier Relics and Auto Museum.  Quite a nice little place, containing a bunch of old memorabilia and old cars.  The decor is nice too.

They even had a kids place, for the little runts to climb up into a loft and let the dad’s venture out into uncharted territories.

They said we were supposed to supervise our kids, but here’s one of them waving us goodbye.   I call it time to get some alone time.

Check out this sweet drying rack for old timey camping.

There was a bunch more stuff, but I don’t have any pictures.  They even had movie showings in the afternoon on a small projector, but we were running short on time.  We had to end here and get lunch at a Mexican restaurant in town.  Of course, we got ice cream too.