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Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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  • Date Posted: Jul 4, 2007
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After a nightmare hotel situation the night before (read below for the details), we finally got to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philly.

The Liberty Bell is a fuckload smaller than we expected.  I could wear this as a condom.

Since we had that mechanical issue in Milwaukee, we were a day behind schedule.  That put us IN PHILADELPHIA ON THE FOURTH OF JULY.  Just our luck.  It was VERY crowded, but still kind of neat to experience the birthplace of America on its birthday.

There is a tour of the Hall we got to see the inside.

Of course Glenn had to show off all his Benjamins to verify that the building on the back truly was Independence Hall.

Onward to NYC.  If you want to read more about our tribulations at the Chester Hotel, read below.

We got a hotel in Chester PA on the way up to Philly.  From the 2007 WVO Roadtrip Log:

  • Chester PA Motel 6: Walked up to Lobby and was second in line for twenty minutes. Before I was helped, the front desk worker scolded a woman for waiting to have here card re-magnetized and not just cutting to the front. Before I could ask for a room, two individuals called in and were not just given a room, but they gave credit card and personal information which took time. This could possibly provide the last room to someone who was not waiting in line.
    I finally got some service, and there seemed to be some rooms left, but only two bed non-smoking. She took my credit card to make the purchase and proceeded to process the transaction. She compiled the receipt and key card, and told me where the room was. I waited for her to return my credit card and after she asked me why I was still waiting there, I told her to give me the card back, which she forgot.
    We entered the room and I quickly realized that there was no soap or shampoo. I called the main desk to request some, and the attendant told me that they did not supply shampoo normally. I asked her, “Do you normally supply soap?” She responded, “Yes, but we do not have any right now.” I asked, “Can you get some?” She stated, “No.”
    Luckily I had some in a bag, otherwise I would have had to drive to a store around midnight to get something I should have received standard.
    We tried to dial for some delivery, but the phone would not make local calls. I had to use my cell phone.
    We left the hotel room, and as we walked passed the back of the lobby, we saw a number of stray kittens around three months old. They were skiddish of us, but we could tell they were not afraid of humans. We did not attempt to pick them up but thought it was strange that a litter of feral kittens happened to nest so close to a hotel lobby. The next day we went to check out and the same woman was running the lobby. I went to return the key card and she didn’t even say thank you or make a response to me. As I walked out the door, the phone rang and she answered with “Hello? Hellooo? HELLOOOOO?” I walked out of the lobby to my car, and we we’re preparing for a long trip. As we checked out our car, we notice a new woman enter the lobby with a Motel 6 shirt. A large number (6-8) of stray cats followed her in, and these animals were accompanied by some of the same feral kittens from the night before. These cats sat patiently outside the lobby and some would physically enter the lobby. I have a photograph of this if you would like to have a copy.