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Kamloops Lake British Columbia

Kamloops Lake British Columbia

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  • Date Posted: Aug 20, 2019
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The segment of the THC that is west of Kamloops is AMAZING.  I suspect that 99% of people traveling to Vancouver on their “only road” tend to skip this longer scenic route for Hwy 5 going southbound.  Well, they are missing out.  There are some desert mountains up here that are astonishing.

Kamloops Lake sprawls out north of the highway for miles and miles.  It’s rather lengthy and gorgeous.

It’s an odd microclimate.  It’s almost like a desert, like in California or Nevada, but there are lot of trees and evergreens everywhere like in the arctic.  It’s similar to high elevation New Mexico, but this area of BC is not much of a high altitude.

Keep on to Cache Creek.  We got into Cache Creek around 10 pm and tried to get a room at the Sunset Motel which had good reviews, but the place only had single-bed rooms.  As much as I like Glenn, I’m never sharing a bed with him.  He likes to spoon and he sweats like a warthog.

So we ended up at the Riverside Motel, which only had a moderate amount of cockroaches.