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Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty

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  • Date Posted: Jun 29, 2008
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Spiral Jetty, Utah 178265. 7pm Sun.
Access road is 19 miles of off-road delight. Thank god we left most of the other cubes in the hotel, otherwise this road was impassable.

After a long trek into the Utah desert, we finally got to the Jetty before sunset.  It took a lot longer than expected.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to see the spectacular piece of artwork.  And we were really fortunate to see the Jetta while there was water surrounding the installation, because due to droughts and high water levels, it was either submerged or salted for decades.

Glenn on the other hand thought it was the biggest waste of time.  In fact to this day, he still hates this trip.  Just bring it up.  He’ll get furious.