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Flooding in Calgary (2013)

Flooding in Calgary (2013)

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  • Date Posted: Jun 20, 2013
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Through a crazy series of events, we ended up driving through Calgary during some MASSIVE flooding.  The highway was getting shut down just as we got through the city.  The radio was “flooded” with news alerts and evacuations and all sorts of madness.

Just by coincidence, a friend of ours happened to be driving through Canada from west to east.  Our plan was to meet up in Calgary this night, but after spending a long time playing phone tag, she told us they had avoided the area.  Unlike us, she had been paying attention to the news and she intelligently elected to avoid this evacuation area.

But since we were already in the thick of it, we just pushed on.  We figured as long as we could get passed Calgary, then we could rest at a Walmart parking lot in Red Deer.