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Farmer’s Market in Baudette MN

Farmer’s Market in Baudette MN

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  • Date Posted: Aug 17, 2019
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We pulled into Baudette Minnesota before lunch and needed to get some supplies.  Both of us took turns driving all the way from central Wisconsin up to this border town, and we both needed things that we forgot on the way.  I wanted to by a door stop to help keep my foot at a better angle on the accelerator.  The custom pedal in this minivan is very touchy, and you can’t put a lot of force on the pedal.  Maybe a wedge would make things easier.

We stopped off at the ol’ Hardware Hank for jerky, chips, and parts.

What a coincidence.  They had a farmer’s market in the parking lot.  Just in time for some lunch snacks.  We wanted to buy some fruit, but we knew the border agents would flip their shit if we showed up with an apple.  So instead we got some homemade c’min’nins.

Back on the road.  Even though we got an early start, we had to get a move on.  Heading west of Baudette to Warroad, I called ahead to The Peg to get a reservation at our favorite hotel.  In a few miles, we’d be out of cell range, and after over 24 hours on the road, I wanted to make sure we had a hotel before they all booked up on that Saturday night.

On to Warroad Border Checkpoint.