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Whistler British Columbia

Whistler British Columbia

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  • Date Posted: Jul 8, 2008
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Whistler & nearby wilderness, British Columbia. 184204 (est). Mid-day Tuesday. 
The central BC wilderness is surprisingly desert-like for its latitude. Rather than taking the 4-lane Canadian Interstate 1 to Vancouver, we opted to cruise the smaller Route 99 thru Whistler. Even though we heard reports that the 1 had some construction, I don’t think 99 was shortcut by any means. There were portions that were one lane and even a 4m railroad overpass at 20kph 90-degree turn! And the crazy part was that rigs were one this death trap and speeding.

It turns out I lost my log near the end of the trip. We have a few markers where I don’t have exact mileage, but it should be relatively close.

Whistler was at a higher altitude, so the vegetation was a little more lush. However, it was a little disappointing due to the number of a-holes on the road. Plus there was construction from Whistler to the edge of Vancouver, which was very slow.

For some comedy, we happened to be following a guy in a white S-10 that could drive the whole mountainous stretch without hands. The only time he pulled his arms from behind his headrest was to shift, and he had some rather close-calls and often ran over the yellow and white road lines.

Downtown Whistler: