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San Juan Capistrano Unfiltered WVO Crisis

San Juan Capistrano Unfiltered WVO Crisis

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  • Date Posted: Apr 26, 2006
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8:30pm GN Wednesday  475 Trip Meter Reading.

Something was wrong with the oil we got from Jeff.  We pulled off in San Juan Capistrano to investigate the veggie oil we received.

Sure enough, the oil was super goopy on the bottom of the cubes.  Maybe Jeff has a full-heated setup which would allow him to run this creamy oil, but ours was just heated on the lines and engine area.  We didn’t have a heated tank setup in those days.

We unloaded the wagon to determine how bad the situation was.

Our only option was to reroute the fuel pump hosing so it empties the biofuel tank into an empty cube we had.

The process was VERY slow, because back in these early days of the WVO movement, we were using subpar transfer pumps that don’t have a good GPM rate.

Once it was completely drained, we put in a few cubes of good clean clear oil, and diluted any remaining gunk in the tank.

Here’s a picture of my ass on this trip.  I didn’t want to wear my nicest clothes, so I brought my low-rider and ripped up work jeans.  I apparently kept showing Glenn my “Brown Eye” whenever I got in and out of my seat.

He took this picture as proof that I’m an exhibitionist and gross.  He also said that after traveling 5000-miles with me and my ass, he “could give the police a composite sketch of my full ass.”