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Ocmulgee National Monument in Georgia

Ocmulgee National Monument in Georgia

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  • Date Posted: Nov 5, 2006
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Near the small town of Macon Georgia, there is a First Nation site of significant importance.  It’s the massive Ocmulgee mounds, and they have a wonderful museum and visitor’s center.

Just for some scale, that is a picture of Glenn atop one of the biggest mounds:

The tribes built supported tunnels and chambers into the center of these mounds.

The center allows visitors to enter these chambers and experience the majesty of their pre-Columbian lifestyle.

At a certain point, Glenn fell off the edge of the mound.  Before I went to help him off the ledge, I snapped this photo.  Documentation comes first, then safety.


The second 2006 roadtrip was not conducted on alternative fuels.