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Monument Rocks in Kansas

Monument Rocks in Kansas

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  • Date Posted: Jun 21, 2010
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That Liberal Kansas Tourism office suggested a different route to our journey. Originally, we planned on driving northeast to Wichita, however they suggested we visit the Monument Rocks National Landmark. Then we could take the I-70 east, and see several other sites along the way. The Monument Rocks are really the must-see geological destination in Kansas; the whole west end of the state is flatter than a pool table, and then out of nowhere are three-story crumbly rock formations and arches.

The road way is suffuse with cattle. And they had no intention of yielding the right of way.

The road is a bit rough though, so if it rains and you don’t have four-wheel drive, you may want to avoid it. We saw only one other car there, so I imagine if you get stuck or breakdown, it would be a long wait until the next person comes along.