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  • Author: admin
  • Date Posted: Aug 23, 2019
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Holy crap.  We got to visit Humptulips.  I’m no marketing genius, but I’d seriously consider renaming your city, Humptulips.  Maybe Bangroses, or Slamcarnations, or Poundflowers.

While passing through and giggling the whole time, we saw some super sketch-looking dude hitchhiking.  He wanted a ride.  He seriously looked like he was going to murder us with his gaze, so there was no way we’d entertain picking him up.  Especially in Humptulips.  The last thing we needed was to have our corpses get humptulipped.

This was all occurring in the wake of a massive Canadian manhunt looking for some hitchhiker murderers, so we had to play it safe.