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Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum in St. George Utah

Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum in St. George Utah

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  • Date Posted: Jun 24, 2021
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After a one-year hiatus due to the Covids, we returned to WVO roadtrippin’ in 2021!  It was a short trip this time, only totalling 5268 miles, and we were confined to the borders of the United States.  No trip to Canada for poutine this year.

After an early start at 2am, we got through Vegas before traffic got bad, and we stopped for a picnic breakfast.  Then it was off to St George to visit the Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum.

This museum has a great collection.  All sorts of animals and critters mounted throughout the grounds.

Name this band?

These photos only cover maybe one-tenth of all the mounted and stuffed animals here.

There were so many that I didn’t recognize most of the exotic animals.  A great place to learn more about mammals.  On to SLC.