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Fort Fetterman Historical Site

Fort Fetterman Historical Site

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  • Date Posted: Jul 2, 2012
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The 2012 Wyoming fires were getting worse and worse as we drove further north.

Along the way, we saw a 19th Century Fort site on the map.  We jokingly figured we should see this place before the fires burn it down.  It was Fort Fetterman.

It’s basically a small site that commemorates the junction of the Bozeman Trail and North Platte River.

There is a small museum and a hiking tour of the hills.  We did walk around a bit, but the constant smoke didn’t endear itself to our lungs.  So we decided to fill up the veggie tank and keep on going.

It was at this site, that we conceived the concept of automated drone cameras.  We drew up some plans, and in 2013, we bought a bunch of early RC electric helicopters and attached our gopros to them.  Sadly, in those days, the batteries were just too weak and the choppers were too wobbly to get any decent shots.  But we gave it a shot.

Nowadays, camera drones are affordable and ubiquitous.  We were ahead of our times.