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Fill Up on Poutine and Grease in Brandon MB

Fill Up on Poutine and Grease in Brandon MB

  • Author: admin
  • Date Posted: Aug 18, 2019
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While Glenn filled up the veg tank, I sauntered into the local McDonald’s for some fries.

I took a leak and some random dude took a crap.  Then as I washed up, he finished up and left the bathroom without washing.  Ish.  Then the dumbdumb went to the touchscreen kiosk to swipe his shitty hand on public order screen.

I went to the other screen and started ordering something fatty.  We have a rule that if poutine is on the menu, Glenn and I MUST order it.  What to our surprise, but Canadian McD’s have poutine now.  So I ordered two boxes.

It was hard for Glenn to eat poutine with while driving, but he made due.  If he can’t eat poutine while driving a dangerous vehicle, then why even bother living at all.