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Crehst Museum in Richland

Crehst Museum in Richland

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  • Date Posted: Jun 30, 2010
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We checked out the Crehst Museum in Richland, which houses various science exhibits.  It’s a great place for families, and they have lots of interactive activities.  They had an electromagnet that allowed people to see how different metals can react to electrical forces.  I tried to situate my gold wedding ring on the device, but the scientists in the room (albeit curious themselves about what would occur) recommended not using Au because it might fly into the ceiling for all they knew.

They also have a lot of nuclear exhibits and artifacts, talking about their proximity to the Manhattan Project Hanford Reactor Site.  It was this visit that inspired us to sign up for and visit the Hanford Reactor tour in 2012.

After a day of sciencing around at the Crehst, we took off for Walla Walla: