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Chicago Illinois

Chicago Illinois

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  • Date Posted: Jul 2, 2007
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We crossed the Wisconsin-Illinois border in the morning.

Our goal for the day was to sightsee in Chicago with my college friend, Brett.  We met up at the Sears Tower.

I know it’s called the Willis Tower now, but I hate that name so I’m sticking with the real name.

Brett was from north of Chicago, so I’m sure he thought this sky-view tour was kind of lame, but we insisted anyway.  Brett is a burly and surly kind of man.  He once heaved a frisbee into the stratosphere.

Brett overlooking the Chicago skyline.

After our glorious sky-tour, we stopped off at Pizzanos.  This place makes the best Chicago Style Pizza.  Y’all gotta get some Chicago Style.

When we left, we graciously shook hands and went about our way.  Brett now lives in Germany, likely doing naughty things on the internet.

Thanks for a fun day, Brett.