Engine, Oil Cooler

6.9 / 7.3 IDI Van Engine Mounting Bolt Replacement

There is a certain bolt on the top of the driver’s side motor mount bracket that really pisses me off.  It was designed too long and the mechanic MUST extract the oil cooler assembly to get the bracket out.  That’s a messy project.

Now I get that there are not many situations where a bracket removal is necessary, but I don’t like getting into that possibility.  Luck favors the prepared man, so the next time I do my oil cooler, I’m going to find just the right size bolt that it still performs properly but allows for a full extraction without pulling the cooler.

Here’s a better picture of the problem:

As I unthread that darn top bolt, the freaking thing clashes with the cooler.  No amount of finagling gets it out.  It totally sucks ass.

Turns out, it is literally just a few threads too big.  So I found a Grade 8 replacement that is 1/8″ shorter.

Now, the beast is fitted with a bolt that will allow me to pull the bracket without having to extract the cooler.  I plan to use blue loctite as well, just in case there is a possibility that it might try to wiggle loose.  I know this seems like a petty thing, but I’ve had a few scenarios where I wanted to pull the bracket (like the time I tipped the engine to put the HG’s on in the van engine bay, and the time I pulled the 6.9 by myself, and so on…), and it would’ve been nice.

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