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The Creston Museum and Archives

The Creston Museum and Archives

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  • Date Posted: Aug 20, 2019
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After bypassing the Cranbrook museum, we headed down the highway to the neighboring town to see their museum instead.

This is the tiny mountain town of Creston BC.

They have their own little museum where they collected all the scattered junk and artifacts from this town’s 70-year history and called the heap a “museum.”

I’m not denigrating this.  We live for these museums and practically been to all the museums in all of Canada.  I’m just pissed cuz the staff wouldn’t respect the fact that we wanted to identify as one person, and therefore pay for just one ticket.

Old timey stuff.  I guess back in the old days, dogs were really addicted to their electronics.

Lots of meds.  Back in the day, Dodd’s Kidney Pills were the bees knees.  Which was the style at the time.

A “Wisconsin” mini tractor.

After dinking around for a few hours, we destroyed their bathroom and headed back into the mountains.  If we rush, we could possibly make it to the far end of British Columbia before dark.

Well, crud.  More construction.  This is getting ridiculous.