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Shelby Montana

Shelby Montana

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  • Date Posted: Jun 20, 2013
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The 2013 WVO Roadtrip was the first long-scale journey with the Veggie Van.  This van is a 1988 full-size Ford 3/4-ton Diesel Clubwagon, which means massive size and weight.  That equates to lesser fuel economy than our usual trips in the Jetta, Passat, and Mercedes wagon.

In order to make this journey to the Arctic Ocean and back, we needed more oil than I could pack from Los Angeles.  So, we contacted our friends in the Yukon (Skeeter and Mike) to see if they could help, and they offered to load us up.  And even with that supplementary biofuel, we calculated that we needed another few dozen cubes.

So, a month prior to this trip to Alaska, Glenn took the time to tow out several cubes and stash them in a storage locker in Shelby Montana.  He also left a few scooters that he rebuilt at his house.  These scooters would be our backup vehicles if the van had a catastrophic breakdown somewhere on the Alcan, Dalton, Mackenzie, Laird, or Top of the World Highways.

Here’s a picture of Glenn showing me his awesome scoots by Ghost riding the whip.