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Fixing the Suspension in Provo Utah

Fixing the Suspension in Provo Utah

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  • Date Posted: Jun 29, 2008
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Mile 177775. Gunnison Massacre Site.
Added two cubes.

Stayed in Provo, Utah for the night. We are thinking of staying in Salt Lake City.
It appears that we have two options
1.) Try to have some stiffer struts installed. We’ve reviewed some TDIForum threads and it appears that Bilstein TC’s are the ticket.
2.) Or, if it’s that’s little pricey, we can pull my undermount tank and put it in the trunk. Even though the car sits low, it’s got a couple inches of travel.

More soon… We may be in Salt Lake for a couple days or we’ll be on the road later tonight.

June 29, 2008 update:  We are getting new struts installed Monday morning, so we are hanging out in SLC for Sunday.

June 30, 2008 update:  Well, the mechanic used an impact wrench and stripped out the threads on our new struts, while installing them. We are stuck in a public library here in SLC waiting for the mechanic to find another strut. This puts us back a day and if our Montana contributors are reading this, we’ll call you today to discuss our arrival plans.
He got a bunch more images, but I forgot my USB cable in the car, that is now on the hoist. Also, we might be having a Hydroforce selector valve going on us…we burned thru two fuses in the last 120 miles.

Repair Shop, Orem, Utah. Monday, 8am to 2:30pm.
0.5 cubes added.
The shop told us the day before that if we came in on Monday, they’d have our new struts and time to work on the car. We’d been staying in Springville, which is 10 miles south of Orem, but we soon realized upon entry to the Orem State Street that they had a few other mechanics. About every other building was a shop!
Unfortunately, the shop we chose had a guy that stripped out the threads on our new struts with an impact wrench. They claimed that the part had some bad threads, but we could watch the junior mechanic reaming away on the bolts. Since they didn’t have another set of the struts (Monroe Sensatracs, unfortunately—we were looking for Bilsteins), it took an extra 4 hours to find another set and install them. We found a nearby public library and sat on the net for a few hours.
The struts did a lot. It sits about 1.5” higher and it takes a lot more to compress the springs.