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Cranbrook Train Museum

Cranbrook Train Museum

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  • Date Posted: Jun 29, 2010
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We visited Cranbrook in 2010 and in 2019.

In 2010, while in the town of Cranbrook BC, we visited their expansive train museum.  They let you tour the old railway cars.  It’s not bad.

Then we drove south to the border.  Before crossing into the U.S., we saw a farmers market and bought a huge bag of BC cherries.  They are delicious, and only a few miles from the border station, did we realize we couldn’t bring this into the country!  So we ate probably 5 lbs of cherries in about ten minutes.  My poop was violet!

In 2019, we passed through on the Crowsnest Highway on the way to Vancouver Island.

Entering Cranbrook.

Downtown fun.

The train museum we visited over 9 years earlier.  Cray cray

It would have been nice to stop in and see what enhancements and inclusions they have added to their collection, but we had to move on.  There was a different museum we had our eyes on down the road.

Hammer down.  Quantity not quality peeps.  MILES!