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Biosphere 2 in Arizona

Biosphere 2 in Arizona

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  • Date Posted: Apr 27, 2006
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We cruised through the Seguaro Desert in the morning.

And got to the Biosphere 2 project.  Back in 2006, the place was still open.  From what I heard now, it’s abandoned or something.

We got one of the last tours of the complex before the shut down.

The underground has this massive diaphragm that ensures the entire complex has proper air pressure.  Remember, unlike the Pauly Shore parody “Biodome,” this complex is completely sealed off from the desert environment.

It’s really a foreign place in the middle of nowhere.  It’s a shame it was shut down.

At a certain point, Glenn dove into the water tanks and swam with the fishes.

We stayed the whole day here, since it was only a few years ago that we wanted to visit, but they were closed for the day.  Once our tour ended, we refilled the veggie oil tank and headed out to New Mexico.  We didn’t realize that our wagon would have even more mechanical issues in the evening.