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IDI (6.9 or 7.3) Injector Line Order at the IP

This article contains the injector line order for a 6.9 or 7.3 IDI injector pump.

This is important information if you have removed all your injector lines and forgot how to put them back together.  Also, this is useful if the previous owner has fucked something up, as typically happens with these old beasts.

6.9 & 7.3 IDI Injector Line Sequence

6.9 & 7.3 IDI Injector Line Sequence out of the Injector Pump (IP)


If for some reason you can’t see the images on this page, I have made a fool-proof system to make sure my injector lines are in the correct order.

I use a “clock” to describe the location of each injector line.  Look at the IP from the rear of the engine.  Treat each injector line port as a time on the clock.  Since there are only 8 injector lines, then not every hour on the clock will be utilized.

On top of the intake manifold are numbers by each glowplug.  These number represent the cylinder identification.  The number closest to the injector denotes the number for the injector line.  (If your intake does not have numbers, or they are covered with grime, the passenger side is odd numbered and driver’s side is even numbered.  The front cylinders are 1 and 2, second-front-most cylinders are 3 and 4, third-front-most cylinders are 5 and 6, and rear-most cylinders are 7 and 8.)

  • Injector line # 1 corresponds to the 8 o’clock spot on the IP.
  • Injector line # 3 corresponds to the 4 o’clock spot on the IP.
  • Injector line # 5 corresponds to the 1 o’clock spot on the IP.
  • Injector line # 7 corresponds to the 5 o’clock spot on the IP.
  • Injector line # 2 corresponds to the 7 o’clock spot on the IP.
  • Injector line # 4 corresponds to the 2 o’clock spot on the IP.
  • Injector line # 6 corresponds to the 11 o’clock spot on the IP.
  • Injector line # 8 corresponds to the 10 o’clock spot on the IP.

There are no IP ports for the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock spots on the IP.  The center port corresponds to the IP inlet.  It connects the fuel line from the stock diesel filter head.

(Coincidentally, if your IP inlet olive seal is leaking, I highly recommend upgrading your fuel IP inlet steel line with the far superior compression elbow sold at R&D IDI Performance.)

Note, you need to reinstall the dampening brackets on the injector lines.  Failure to reinstall these dampeners will result in your injector lines cracking.

Once the Injector lines are reinstalled, read the next article explaining how to purge the air out of the system:

How to Crack Injector Lines and Purge Air on a 6.9 / 7.3 IDI Diesel Engine



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