Engine, Injector Pump

Throttle Spring Location on a 6.9 / 7.3 IDI Injector Pump

Here is the location of the throttle spring on the Injector Pump.

The hard part about situating this spring in the van is the front mount.  It is near the bottom of the IP gearhouse.  In the image below, I’m looking down.  That’s hard to do because the van’s engine ceiling is in the way.  Feel around down there and you can hook the front part of the spring there.

Next is the rear mount.  It is the round nub that snaps to the throttle linkage.  You can see that in the green circle below:

Here is an image of the spring from the doghouse looking toward the front of the van.  If you have an NA IDI, you probably can’t see this, because the air cleaner is in the way.  But I have it removed (for a turbo setup), so I can capture this image.


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