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Stuck engine block coolant plugs? Here’s a $1 trick to break them loose.

I got a few of those 3/8″ square male coolant drain plugs in my block, and I tried using one of those

crappy universal 12-point sockets crappy universal 12-point sockets

to extract it. I looked up buying a set of

square female sockets square female sockets

, but I’m not going to spend $50 on that.

So I tried to figure out a cheap work around. Here’s what I figured out. It’s only going to cost you $1 at your local hardware store.

Step one: Put a 3/4″ hex socket on the plug. The hex should face out.


Step Two: Buy a threaded coupler. ($1 expense)


Step three: Place the coupler in your breaker bar.


Step four: Mate the coupler with the hex stuck to your engine.


Works like a charm. It can’t hurt to spray them with WD or PB Blaster before torquing them, but that’s up to you.



Update May 18, 2018:

While you have the coolant block plugs out, go to McMaster Carr and buy some 90 deg valves for both sides of your engine.

This will allow you to flip a valve open if you ever need to drain your coolant from the block in the future, instead of dealing with the awful mess of draining the fluid with a simple threaded plug.  Getting coolant on your skin is not good for your liver and organs, so minimizing the cascading waterfall of coolant resulting from a coolant plug removal is paramount.  These spiffy valves allow you to affix a one-foot section of heater hose to the end of the valve, so you can carefully and cleanly drain the block into a container without any mess.


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