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IDI Hypermax Puff Limiter Explanation and Video

Hypermax offers a “puff limiter” for IDI turbo vehicles that have a smoke problem at the start of acceleration.  This video by very-underappreciated Youtuber “n8in8or” is a great explanation of the parts, components, and operation of the Hypermax kit.  I’m still kind of surprised this doesn’t have more views.

Hypermax sells the limiter for $349 so it is quite an investment.  They say:

  • “The fuel injection pump aneroid limits the injection pump’s fuel delivery until sufficient turbocharger boost is available for an acceptable smoke level during acceleration.  This device is user adjustable to suite the level of smoke opacity desired.”

So, if you live in a state that has some rather restrictive coal-rolling rules and fines, you might want to invest in the puff limiter.  I’ve seen the topic of the Hypermax Puff Limiter pop up like once in a blue moon.  The poor man’s solution to unwanted acceleration smoke, is to not ham on it so much or reduce the IP fuel screw a half or full flat.  But for every half flat you turn back on your IP, that means less boost in the turbo.

But after seeing n8in8or’s video, it makes me wonder how hard it would be to modify an existing IP cover to accomplish the same task.  It appears to be adjusting the metering valve or some other lever in the reservoir of the IP.  Could a decent machinist just fabricate a similar threaded adjuster in a standard IP cover, and make a DIY puff limiter?  It makes me wonder.  And a bit curious.