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Fort Hays State Historic Site

Fort Hays State Historic Site

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  • Date Posted: Jun 21, 2010
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Fort Hays, Kansas. 6:10pm Mon.
We are always up to check out a fort or old military site. The gals in Liberal suggested we check out this site and hit up the tour. Upon arriving, we learned they weren’t even open on Mondays. Luckily, the gate was still open, but no one was conducting tours. So we did a self guided tour which was well laid-out.
Unlike Fort Pulaski, the Citadel in Halifax, Fort McHenry, and other forts we’ve visited, this is not a walled complex. It was a clustering of officers’ quarters, barracks, and other remnant foundations of demolished structures. It had a vibe similar to visiting Kenesaw Mountain tracking Sherman’s march.

Heading to Topeka or Kansas City. 9:04pm Mon.
On the march…