Kieran McCaughey and I have banded together to tackle a confidential project for 0001d.  We’ll post more content soon, but for the time being, I can only show portions of the model that were ultimately not used for the current release.  These are two images of the edge of the assembly:

There are two things going on in these pics, both dealing with automation processes.  We used Maya MEL to script the reflection patterning (rand bump mapping optimization) and a custom MEL to do the white formal extruding.  The bump overlays create an abstraction of wave formulations, but with circular impressions–really cool effect, because it works quite well.  The architectural body uses pointPosition tangency calculations that I made just for this application.  You can find GenerateMultiOffCurveTangToCurve and GenerateOffCurveTangToCurve on my 0001d BLAST wiki.  They use a custom 0001d function that makes an “offvector” based on two end vectors.  This formulation creates a family of extruded tubes with a possible shift in the middle of the path.  I’m hoping to enhance this functionality so that you can have n-dimensional offvecs and it should make some hot shit–only thing is to make sure there are quietcatches for blebs.