A while back I was looking for a procedure (mostly VB) to convert any characters passed an apostrophe to my standard code comment color, green.  The Visual Basic editor doesn’t save its color information when a user copies and pastes the contents of a module into a typical Word file.  This can be a pain if a user wants to color or remove the comments of a script.

Thankfully I stumbled upon a website that shows how to do advanced text replacement without any scripting.  Find and Replace With Wildcards.   This site is super useful.

MS Word replace string for coloring comments.

MS Word replace string for coloring comments.

To make any comment from VB a different color, use the string:


and replace the text with:


Check “Use wildcards” and watch your code colorize!  The same can be used for C-based codes like MEL, but you’ll need to modify the apostrophe to double slashes.  However, these MS Word replace tricks do not cover multiple lines…so if your MEL uses the /* */ multiline syntax, you’ll need to manually color that or author a simple coloring macro.