You watch his movies your whole life and think “He’s entertaining, but he will never impact my life.”  Schwarzenegger’s decisions have crapped my life for the last six months.  The latest issue with California is the C.A.B. not ever responding to my inquiries.  Three emails, two calls, and a formal letter mailed directly to their office without a response.

So what does this have to do with Arnold?  The CAB is on furlough so it takes months to finish basic tasks.  All I need is the ridiculous “eligibility verification” letter–you pay for them to check your status and it takes them three months!?  This is pathetic.

Update 8/4/2009:

I finally got a phone call from the CAB today.  They said my eligibility is being processed and it’s currently being cashed.  WTF?  This state needs all the money it can get and it’s jerking around with my cash?  Spend that money and send me freaking certification!