After a day of upgrading my failing internet connection, rewiring the house, two trips slithering through the crawlspace, and testing connections, I was hoping to post a few photos of my USB hub plans.

However, it appears my DSLR Canon took a dump.  It flashes, zooms, and focuses, but it doesn’t capture an image nor have any power to the rear display.


Hopefully, by late tomorrow, either I’ll have the threaded rods properly calibrated for the monster, or have some sample codes of my attempts to read 2 or 3 stepper control boards simultaneously with my new USB 2.0 hub.  It’ll be in C# if I can figure it out.

Almost forgot the good news of the day.  My authentic 1948 Eames LCW chair arrived.  It was a gift from my step dad and I’m going to post images over the next few weeks as I restore it.  Here’s a sneak peak…

LCW DIY Project

LCW DIY Project